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Последний раз fiskEr выиграл 3 июня 2017

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  1. fiskEr

    magery/inscription with ebook

    Thank you for your fast response with good information!!!
  2. fiskEr

    magery/inscription with ebook

    Hello, Can anyone tell me exactly what to cast from 100 magery? I have search all of Russian forum but the translator does not tell me the right spells. I thought call lightning 100-110? gust of air to 120? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. fiskEr

    Looting new player in tent

    Its okay, I will accept your apology. We dont need any bad feelings in here.
  4. fiskEr

    Looting new player in tent

    My message to Don Carlione: Go hunt like real man, stop try and kill ppl like a little pussy bitch.
  5. fiskEr

    Looting new player in tent

    Is all players do try and cheat and find bugs to kill ppl? Look what I find today http://imgur.com/zOrRdd5 Don Carlione so bad he try release water drake in mines.. bad bad boi
  6. fiskEr

    Looting new player in tent

    Why are player like Beby going and killing player inside of tent from outside and then looting the body that are inside the tent? he is not allowed in tent. He is abusing bug or no? *edit* Little rat tried to loot my raw fishsteak but I think I find his other char in brit later ))))
  7. fiskEr

    English Wiki

    Whats up everyone? Where is the english speaking folks reside?
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